Bend it like Bikram! - Yoga

Sally’s friends have noticed something different about her… She’s less stressed, she’s healthier and she’s happier than before! What’s changed? Simple… Sally has found yoga and she is not alone!

From wise yogis in India 5,000 years ago to Olympic athletes in the present day, yoga is proving to be an increasingly popular choice for people, young and old, who are looking to take time out from the stress of modern life.

Roald Dahl

2016 marked 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl - Why not celebrate his gloriumptious stories and characters all year round!

Cyber Adventure

Come on! Are you ready for a Cyber Adventure?! Along the way we're going to meet:

The gamer - she plays games all day, every day! She always remembers to be careful when chatting to other gamers on the internet.

Super Fred is our resident superhero - In Cyber Adventure, when Polly turns on her computer Super Fred comes to life! But Fred has a problem. Polly has lost her password! 

Olympics: Going for Gold!

Bring the Olympics to life in your school hall! An action packed, informative workshop - we’ll look at the history, where did the Olympics originate? We'll also look at London 2012 and it’s legacy - it's sure to get your pupils on their feet and feeling proud to be British

Great Britain - It's in the name!

Promoting fundamental British values as part of SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development) and addressing the points raised by the Department of Education and Ofsted.

Schools should promote the fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs”.

Streets Ahead (Road Safety)

Distractions. They're everywhere these days! People sending and receiving texts, listening to music, chattering away with family or friends... all of them lost in the moment.

So who's actually concentrating on getting across the road safely? What if you're running a bit late..? Doesn't it make sense to take a short cut and save time? Or how about this one -

"We've done road safety; we already know..."


Eyes open! Stay Safe!

Journey around the town of Speedville, and meet Mrs Plumpton the Lollipop Lady, Vince the Van Driver, and Steve the Cyclist! Each character will teach the children some important lessons about road safety. Using games, drama, movement and music, this hour long interactive workshop is a memorable and fun way to help your students stay safe by the road.

KS1 Creative Learning Day

Lean On Me! - Friendship

Focusing on friendship, 'Lean on Me' is a funny, tender story of how young people sometimes forget to be there for each other, and how important being a friend can be!

Magical Mindfulness

Life moves so fast these days. It's easy to forget that sometimes we need to stop and enjoy the world around us... and each other! Magical Mindfulness gives your pupils a chance to do just that.

In this fun, interactive one hour workshop, our actor/facilitator will take your KS1 pupils on a calming, eye-opening adventure, introducing the world of mindfulness.

Take a Deep Breath

Meet Katie, Joseph and Mohammad and explore MINDFULNESS. Three normal kids who all share the same problem... Stress!

Modern life moves so fast that sometimes they feel like they just can't cope! Sound familiar? Then maybe mindfulness could be the answer!

From big companies like Google to small, local primary schools like yours! Mindfulness techniques are being used to help people de-clutter their minds and take on the world in a calmer, more positive way.