Take a Deep Breath

Meet Katie, Joseph and Mohammad and explore MINDFULNESS. Three normal kids who all share the same problem... Stress!

Modern life moves so fast that sometimes they feel like they just can't cope! Sound familiar? Then maybe mindfulness could be the answer!

From big companies like Google to small, local primary schools like yours! Mindfulness techniques are being used to help people de-clutter their minds and take on the world in a calmer, more positive way.

Story Journeys: Roald Dahl

Similar to our original Story Journeys, your pupils will take a trip and meet a whole host of colourful Roald Dahl characters with problems to solve and stories to tell! Our Creative Learning workshops provide younger children with creative stimulus to stretch their imaginations and physically engage them with story-making. 

Our professional workshop leader acts as both actor and facilitator. Using drama, movement and minimal props and costume, the children take part in an exciting adventure. Bringing little imaginations to life in your school hall!

Know your rights!

What is a democracy? Have you heard of the Equality Act? Who enforces the law in Britain and why should we respect them/each other?

“Through their provision of SMSC, schools should:

Peace of Mind (Mental Health)

What is Mental Health? It's not something we should be ashamed to talk about!

Peace of Mind would be ideal to highlight Mental Health Awareness Week (7th – 11th May 2018) 

1 in 4 adults are affected by mental illness in one way or another throughout their lives and around one in ten children experience mental health problems.  .


Pass it On! (Commonwealth Games)

Hey, Pass it On: Commonwealth Games!  

Athletes from 71 countries and territories are coming in from all over the world to compete at the ‘friendly games’. Forget about the Olympics – this is where it’s at and we’re going for gold. Apparently the Queen has sent a personal message – but it’s going the long way around. Maybe it will answer a few questions like what’s a Commonwealth? What does ‘legacy’ mean?... and who or what is a Tristan Da Cunha?!

A Play in a Day for up to 30 KS2 / P4-7 pupils.

Healthy Living

Tie your subject work in with this PSHE Play in a Day to inspire healthy living and an active lifestyle.

Water Water Everywhere!

This physical and fast moving workshop highlights many of the problems facing the safeguarding, storage, production and delivery of quality fresh water supplies.

The way we treat our water has a significant environmental impact. The services that so many of us take for granted require a small army of people behind the scenes - from the taps in our kitchen to the increasing changes in global weather systems. We all waste so much water without thinking or even realising.

Click Safe

It's exciting and entertaining to enter a world of chat rooms, online gaming, social networking and instant messaging... just as long as we all 'Click Safe'.

A Play in a Day for up to 30 KS2 pupils about staying safe on line and how to deal with cyberbullying. 

Wired (E-Safety)

Cyberbullying can take many different forms and its effect is often devastating. If someone bullies you, you can walk away. When someone cyberbullies you, however, there seems to be NO escape. You feel trapped... and things rapidly get worse.

A Play in a Day for up to 30 KS3 & KS4 pupils.

You Choose

A fantastic Play in a Day project all about Aspirations and Careers- aimed at Year 8 & 9 / S9 & 10