Check out our BRAND NEW workshops!!

BRAND NEW Workshops available now!!

Here at Konflux Theatre we are always trying to come up with new ways to ensure we are covering as many school topics as possible. Check out our BRAND NEW workshops below!

Stand Up and Make Some Noise!

Ever had a friend who was being bullied? Maybe you were bullied yourself? If it happens, what should you do? The answer is simple: Stand Up to Bullying and Make Some Noise!

This exciting new Creative Learning Workshop from Konflux asks all the big questions in a fun and challenging way! Your group will meet a PE Teacher, Movie Star and even a YouTube hopeful-all of whom have their own story to tell (and lot's of advice too!)

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Once Upon a Fairy Tale 

Welcome to the world of Magic Story+... a brand new (imaginary) app that has all the best traditional tales ever told! BUT there's a difference- with Magic Story+ you don't just watch the story, you can actually join in!

Join our storyteller on an exciting journey into the world of fairy tales- an adventure which will encourage children to try reading books for themselves and not just reach for the remote control!     

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The Good, the Bad and the World Wide Web

The Internet has just turned 40 years old! But should we celebrate and have a party? Or should we wish the Web had never been born?                                               

It's time to put the internet on trial. The defence will explore all the great things the Internet has given us: communication, shopping, entertainment. But the case for the prosecution is long, too: bullying, crime, unsuitable material. Who is right? Which side will win?

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So get in touch today to find out more about our new workshops or any of the workshops we have to offer!