Cyber Adventure

KS1 / P1-4
Internet Safety
Creative Learning

Come on! Are you ready for a Cyber Adventure?! Along the way we're going to meet:

The gamer - she plays games all day, every day! She always remembers to be careful when chatting to other gamers on the internet.

SuperFred is our resident superhero - In Cyber Adventure, when Polly turns on her computer Super Fred comes to life! But Fred has a problem. Polly has lost her password! 

Bobby - she lives in the real world. Bobby is upset with her friend Sammy for sharing a silly picture of her with the whole school!

An interactive workshop for your KS1 pupils. Our Creative Learning projects are a perfect platform for kick-starting a topic and unlocking imagination in order to follow up work in the classroom such as story making and creative writing.

Our professional workshop leader acts as both actor and facilitator, taking the pupils on an imagination based journey- actively involving them in the exploration of the subject. These one hour sessions include the use of some minimal props, costume and music to further engage the children in the session.

We can work with up to 120 pupils in one day discovering this topic or you can mix & match with our other KS1 Creative Learning sessions; Story Journeys and Magic Carpet  - please contact the office for more details.