Bend it like Bikram! - Yoga

KS2 / P5-7
Play In A Day

Sally’s friends have noticed something different about her… She’s less stressed, she’s healthier and she’s happier than before! What’s changed? Simple… Sally has found yoga and she is not alone!

From wise yogis in India 5,000 years ago to Olympic athletes in the present day, yoga is proving to be an increasingly popular choice for people, young and old, who are looking to take time out from the stress of modern life.

Bend it like Bikram, Konflux’s colourful, funny and engaging Play in a Day about yoga, asks the question: how can yoga help young people? With the help of our hero Sally, we look at the origins of this ancient practise, and explore how yoga can improve focus, fitness and even mental health.

The workshop begins with a practical introduction to yoga, where your students will try out some simple breathing and stretching techniques. The group will then work together to create a Play in a Day exploring the world of yoga, and how it helps millions of people stay happy, calm and more mindful in an increasingly busy world.

Suitable for up to 30 KS2 pupils.

'Bend it Like Bikram' compliments Konflux's brand new Play in a Day exploring the world of mindfulness, Take a Deep Breath and vice versa. Contact our office for more information!