The Great Fire of London

KS1 / P1-4
Play In A Day

Great Fire of London is a Play in a Day is for up to 35 KS1 pupils. The pupils will work with a facilitator throughout the day and have the opportunity to share a short performance to an audience of their choice at the end of the day.                      

Most of you will know there was a first and even a second Great Fire of London, but did you know that there was nearly a third Great Fire of London? Yes just last week in fact...

Tom is a boy who never listens and just doesn't think. He lives in London but it's very different to how things were when the first fire started. In a well - meaning attempt to bake a cake for his brother's birthday, Tom accidentally sets fire to his house. Luckily things have changed over the years and fire doesn't have such a catastrophic effect on the rest of the neighbourhood but the story is not without a little adventure along the way...

This Play in a Day workshop not only retells the story of The Great Fire of London but also examines it's legacy and allows for comparisons to be made between the two different eras. For up to 30 KS1 pupils for the whole day, the workshop culminates in a performance by those pupils to peers and even parents!

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