Trouble in the Toybox

KS1 / P1-4
Play In A Day

An anti-bullying Play in a Day for up to 30 of your KS1 pupils. Trouble in the Toybox considers different forms of bullying, how it can affect people’s feelings and a number of different ways to deal with it.

It's Sam's birthday and there are balloons, cakes and presents galore. Presents! Some of them are useful, like the tool kit from Uncle George. Some of them are not quite so useful, like the stinky soap from Aunty Sue. But the best present of all is a shiny new robot from Mum and Dad.

The rest of Sam’s toys think the new robot is super-cool too and they all want to take it in turns to press the buttons and see what it does next, but one day disaster strikes and the robot is run over by the toy train. Sam sets about fixing it with the very useful tool kit, but the robot is never quite the same again. It now only says nasty things, it grabs and won’t let go and pushes all the other toys out of the way. The toys have a meeting to discuss what to do to fix the situation and it is decided that a complete re-boot is needed which leads to a very delicate operation indeed…

Can the toys re-program the robot to be super-cool again? Or are they destined for a lifetime of insults and being pushed and grabbed by their new ‘friend’?

Working with a professional theatre director for a whole day, the children produce a short ensemble play to present back to peers and even parents! Basic props, costumes and music are used to enhance the drama and reinforce the learning within the play.

What the Children Learn…

  • Exploring how they can use their voice, movement and expression in role play and drama
  • Expressing ideas, thoughts and feelings through role play and drama
  • Responding to performance
  • Presenting drama and stories to others
  • Individual confidence
  • Teamwork and Awareness of Others
  • Public speaking
  • Understanding different forms of bullying and how best to respond to it

Early booking recommended for November Anti-Bullying month.