Guardians of Moodle

KS2 / P5-7
KS3&4 / S1-6
Internet Safety
Play In A Day

The Guardians of Moodle is a BRAND NEW Play in a Day for 30 KS2 pupils.

This Play in a Day explores the modern day themes of the Internet through an innovative Play in a Day. The pupils will explore key themes including, personal data, Internet Trolls, Social Media, Cyber Bullying and Online Gaming.

The day culminates in a short performance to the rest of the school, parents and staff before your school day ends, allowing the children to share their work.

Key themes:

-         the value of teamwork

-         self-expression

-         public speaking

-         confidence building

-         increased subject knowledge

The Guardians of Moodle is a Play in a Day which was written through the recommendation of several schools!

An ideal workshop for Anti-Bullying Week 
(12th - 16th November 2018) and Internet Safety
day (5th Febuary 2019).