Click Safe

KS2 / P5-7
Internet Safety
Play In A Day

It's exciting and entertaining to enter a world of chat rooms, online gaming, social networking and instant messaging... just as long as we all 'Click Safe'.

A Play in a Day for up to 30 KS2 pupils about staying safe on line and how to deal with cyberbullying. 

Through a fast-moving and exciting day of rehearsal, young students explore and tackle a range of internet safety issues. Communication is faster, more direct and more accessible than ever before... and all at the click of a mouse. How brilliant is that? This bright new world, however, can be fraught with difficulty and danger too. Click Safe explores potential pitfalls and suggests ways to minimise risk through this informative and dynamic performance workshop.

What exactly is cyberbullying? Why is it dangerous? What forms can it take..? Working closely with a dedicated group of young students our professional facilitator will devise a performance especially created for an audience of their peers which will also contain valuable insights and information for adults, parents and guardians too.

This day long process, culminating in an interactive short performance, will also raise awareness of key support networks - from the CEOP to other widely recognised advocacy contacts such as Childline and Cybermentors. The young actors themselves offer a series of 'top tips' further designed to reinforce the central message that personal safety is paramount when surfing the net. Asking for help and advice is definitely not 'just for little kids'.

Click Safe is an innovative and accessible performance workshop which looks at all the above from the perspective of the young people involved.

Key themes:

-         the value of teamwork

-         self-expression

-         public speaking

-         confidence building

-         increased subject knowledge

'Brilliant day. The importance of the message linked to being safe with online devices was pitched perfectly!   The children were all engaged and enjoyed themselves but at the same time learnt how important it is to be safe when online. We all learnt a lot!' Thank you.'  School in Sheffield.

Click Safe is a popular choice for November Anti-Bullying month and February Safer Internet Week - early booking recommended to secure your desired date.