Creative Learning FAQs

How many children can take part in each Creative Learning workshop?

We suggest that you include no more than 35 children in your Creative Learning workshops. This number is based around usual class size. If you would like us to work with a larger group, please contact the office to discuss suitable titles.

How many Creative Learning workshops can take place in the space of one school day?

Depending on how many children there are in the school, between 2 and 5 workshop can take place in the day. Story Journeys and Drama Games & Skills last for only one hour, whereas Paradise Beach and Theatre Craft last for two hours. You can choose any of these workshops in any order.

Do any of the Creative Learning workshops end in a performance like Play in a Day?

Our Paradise Beach workshop usually culminates into a short piece which can be performed by the children to peers and parents at the end of the day in a similar way to Play in a Day. The performance usually last around 10 minutes.

Do we need to provide any props or costumes?

No, all of our Creative Learning workshops are designed to be executed without a reliance on props and costumes. The children can be dressed in normal school clothes and trainers for the day's work. Any workshops that do require props or costumes will be provided by our workshop leader.


Please contact our office to discuss prices.