The Rainforest

KS2 / P5-7
KS3&4 / S1-6
Play In A Day
The Rainforest Konflux Theatre

This Play in a Day is for up to 35 KS2 or 3 pupils. The pupils will work with a facilitator throughout the day and have the opportunity to share a short performance to an audience of their choice at the end of the day.

Just what exactly is a rainforest? Why is it different to other forests? And what's all this fuss about saving them?

Spirit of the Forest

In the first part of this highly interactive Play in a Day we take a good look at what a typical rainforest is and its significance to the wellbeing of our planet. Through exploring the habitat, wildlife and threats to these unique and still largely unexplored environments the group will reveal the secrets of these hidden worlds. From stories of the Jaguar and keen explorers, to leeches turning up in the most awkward of places, a whole new adventure awaits anyone willing to take a walk in the forest. All you need to pack is an imagination and a sense of humour. Pith helmets optional.

Who'd want live in a rainforest?? No phones, no TV, wildlife film crews following you everywhere and even the tiniest insects are hunting for their next meal - YOU!

People of the Forest

In the second part of the day, the group will explore the cultures of the people of the forest. From hunting and tracking skills to building homes and just existing day to day- it's a world apart from everything we all take for granted. This fun, dynamic story will take us from the ancient worlds of the Incas, Aztecs and Conquistadors right through to the present day as we explore the history, beliefs and some of the oldest living cultures on Earth.

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