Bye Bye Bully

KS2 / P5-7
KS3&4 / S1-6
Creative Learning
Bye Bye Bully

This KS2 Creative Learning workshop is available for up to 4 groups of 35 pupils for 1 hour each - up to 140 pupils in one day. 

This Anti-Bullying Creative Learning workshop for KS2 exploring different forms of bullying. 

Led by one of our experienced workshop facilitators, Bye Bye Bully is a fully interactive drama
workshop using a blend of established theatre techniques, including scripted scenario’s and
improvisation, to explore the issues surrounding bullying in an informative and user friendly way.
The piece directly and comprehensively answers questions including:

  • What is a bully? 
  • What types of bullying exist?
  • How do victims of bullying feel?
  • Why do people bully?

In addition, Bye Bye Bully offers guidance and possible solutions to solving bullying problems.

More information about Creative Learning Workshops can be seen here or ask one of our School Coordinators. You can call on 01937 832740, fill out an online enquiry form or email us directly on 

This workshop is perfect for Anti-Bullying Week in November!