We're Back!

Hello All!

Firstly, we want to thank all our lovely schools for being so patient and understanding during these testing times. However, we are now fully back with all our workshops being designed so they are Covid friendly. Our workshops can be delivered socially distanced and our facilitators are happy to be flexible and work around rules and requirements for each individual school (which we trialled during the Summer holidays with fantastic results).


In August, we visited Our Lady’s RC High School for our new Y6/7 All Change – Transition workshops and this is what Transition Co-ordinator, Hania Tkaczuk had to say:

“September will mark six months since children have not been in Education. This pandemic has disrupted their education, their routine and familiarity. We run a Transition programme, here, at Our Lady’s all year round and one of the most important periods is the summer term when Year 6 come to us for a couple of days which include ‘Moving Up’ Day. This allows them to meet their year group and the staff as well as taking away any fears they have and answering their questions.

Transitioning from Primary school to High school is a huge change for the children and many are anxious. Due to the pandemic, we were unable to run with our summer term programme. As the weeks went by, we decided that after meetings with the children and their Parents, that we would hold our Summer School programme. We adapted it to ensure we were following government guidelines and each child came in for a day and spent it with their peers and their form tutors.

Rob from Konflux Theatre delivered ‘Play In A Day’ – the theme being Transition – ‘All Change’ and he adapted it to accommodate the number of children and their needs. The form tutor was present throughout the day and the day finished with activities led by the form tutor.

We have received positive feedback from both children and parents regarding the days.

I would highly recommend booking the Play In A Day Workshops especially because the children have been out of education for such a long time. They need to get back into a routine and re-acquaint themselves with their peers and their teachers.”

Finally, If you had a previous booking which you would like rearrange, a future booking that you would like to organise or any questions at all, we would be more than happy to discuss these with you.

The Konflux Team