Transitions 2017

With the summer approaching, we know it’s coming up to a huge time in Year 6 pupils’ lives – making the transition to Secondary School! Here in the office, we’ve been reminiscing over our own moves to Secondary School and trying to think of any advice we could pass on! Here are just a few tips that we think could be useful:

  • Get involved in the extracurricular clubs! It’s a great way to make new friends who have similar interests to you.

  • Everyone is just as nervous as you! Try and get to know people in your Tutor Group as they’re the people you’ll probably see the most often for the first few weeks. (I went from a whole school of 75 pupils to a year group of 240 so my form were my first friends in school!)
  • Try and stay on top of your work! It’s a big old jump in terms of work load so make sure to use your school planner or get yourself a new notebook to write down your daily tasks.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Whether that’s finding your way around or finding out what activities are available, make the most of your new Form Tutor! They’re there to make sure you’re settling in as easily as possible and want to help wherever they can


  • Most importantly, get excited! These are big changes which can seem daunting but they can be something to look forward to! Enjoy looking for your special new backpack or school equipment for the year. (I personally still love shopping for new stationary). Maybe get together with some friends who are going to the same school and start getting ready together.


Our ‘All Change – Transitions’ Play in a Day® is available now with spaces remaining for this term!

We’ve been lucky enough to work with lots of very talented Year 6 groups this year and we wish them all the best of luck as they head off on this new chapter of their lives. We look forward to meeting all the new Year 6’s next year too!

For more information on Transitions or any of our workshops, please give me a call on 01937 220 320.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Tessa x








Schools Coordinator
(Yorkshire, North West & Scotland)