Top Tips for Shakespeare Week

Shakespeare week and Konflux Theatre

We have come up with our Top Tips for teaching Shakespeare in Primary Schools. Here are just a few of the ideas that you should think about when planning Shakespeare Week 2019!

  • Get hands on    

Be creative and make things, encourage pupils to design their own money pots or draw quills. If possible let them write with quills to gain an understanding of how much more challenging it was to write. 

Shakespeare week and konflux theatre

  • Cross-Curricular activities

There are lots of elements to teach Shakespeare, the obvious one being English and Drama but let’s not forget about History! The history of Shakespeare is a great way for pupils to gain an understanding of Shakespeare himself and create context for his works.

  • Social history links

It is important to look at the context the plays were written. Explore what costumes they would have worn look at the life and surroundings they may have faced. It will bring the text to life.

  • Link to modern day

Shakespeare is as relevant today as he was 400 years ago! Compare with modern day and make it relevant.

Shakespeare and Konflux Theatre

  • Immerse yourself in the language

Do not be frightened to use original text with Primary school children, mix it in with modern language and explore the original text in detail for them to become more comfortable with saying it. There are some amazing helpful resources online, including this website where you can play clips of actors saying Shakespearean words!

Konflux Theatre and Shakespeare Week

  • Involve the whole school

Shakespeare isn’t just for KS2, use peer-to-peer learning and encourage the whole school to be involved.

  • If possible, link with other schools

Share resources with other schools, if you are able to put on a play invite other local schools to watch and share their experiences.

  • Make it fun and interactive

Whether you do an English lesson, an assembly, a production or a short play make it fun and interactive.

Konflux Theatre and Shakespeare Week


These are just the top tips and there are loads of other support and resources available! 

There are loads of short animated clips to share with your pupils on the BBC website that are really helpful and easy to follow. Click here to see.

There is even our Favourite ... a rap! click here to watch.

Also, there are lots of support and ways to embrace Shakespeare Week 2019 on the official Shakespeare Week website and you can see exactly what they are focusing on this 2019 here!

Konflux Theatre is also a proud partner of Shakespeare Week 2019!

If you want any further advice or tips please feel free to contact us on 01937 832740 or email