Shakespeare Week - March 2017

Shakespeare Week - March 2017

Here at Konflux Theatre, we’ve been getting ready for for a while now for one of the most exciting weeks of our year – Shakespeare Week! As official partners of Shakespeare Week, we always look forward to this national celebration of one of the country’s finest playwrights. We’ve been thinking about why Shakespeare’s work is still so important and is still very relevant to all of us now.

Alongside the official Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, we believe it’s important to keep the work alive in schools today.  That might be looking at all the language Shakespeare influenced in our lives today (like going on a ‘wild goose chase’ – a new one to me too!) or just exploring the wonderful stories he left behind. It’s true that everyone, from soap operas to Disney have borrowed storylines from the bard. And that’s because so many themes from his works are universal and more importantly, timeless. We’ve all seen them - a case of mistaken identity or star crossed lovers, we’ve probably all taken in a lot more Shakespeare than we realise.

So what do we have going on? You and your class can jump right into some of Shakespeare’s most loved works (my personal favourite is Macbeth!) Whether that’s the greatest love story of all (Romeo and Juliet) or wandering through the magical forest with Bottom and his friends in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, why not try out one of our Shakespeare Play in a Day workshops for a new take on tackling the bard? Suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils, these workshops are a great way to showcase your budding actors and are also a fantastic way for younger pupils to access some brilliant stories.

To find out more information about any of our workshops, please give me a call at the office on 01937 220 320. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Tessa x
Sales and Marketing Officer
(Yorkshire, the North West and Scotland)