Safer Internet Week 2020!

What an exciting and busy week we’ve just had!

Safer Internet Day took place on Tuesday 11th February and Konflux had a week’s worth of E-Safety workshops all across the country. From our KS1 ‘Cyber Space Adventure’ creative learning workshop to our KS2/3 Internet Safety Play in a day’s: ‘Click Safe’ and ‘Guardians of Moodle’.

We discussed how important it is to keep your confidential information to yourself when online and some wonderful KS1 pupils from Firs Primary reminded us to “keep your password safe”. Invaluable information – thank you, everyone!

Through our ‘Tangled Web’ exercise we found out how easy it was for our personal data to get shared when it has been disclosed online. We also learned about online etiquette (netiquette), as well as what cyber bullying is and how to stop this.

Dates for next year’s Safer Internet Day are Monday 8th – Friday 12th February 2021.

For more information please email or call the office on 01937 832 740