NEW Internet Safety Workshop for KS2!

Caught in the Web Konflux Theatre Workshop


We are very excited to announce we have a brand new workshop for Internet Safety!

With Safer Internet Week (Feb 4th-8th) taking a big spotlight next term, we wanted to make sure we had another option for schools and councils, to make our message of safe online practise more accessible for everyone.

With 1 in 3 internet users now being children and 1 in 8 young users experiencing bullying via social media regularly (, the need to learn how to stay safe online couldn’t be more relevant.

Caught in the Web is our brand new Creative Learning workshop for Key Stage 2. It follows the same structure as our other Creative Learning workshops, with one of our facilitators working with up to 4 different classes of 30-35 pupils, for 1 hour each in one day – that’s up to 120 pupils in a day!

This Creative Learning Workshop takes pupils through a creative journey highlighting important issues which exist in today’s technological world.  It has interactive drama games where pupils can use their imagination, including one called ‘Tangled Web’ – which we think your pupils will like a lot! There are some scripted elements where the pupils will discuss elements of …..

• Personal Data Protection

• Using Social Media Appropriately

• Tackling Cyber Bullying

• Netiquette


We are all also now aware that children appear to be going online younger and younger, with some many electrical devices at home now having instant internet access ( So for your school you might not want a full day of KS2 sessions - which is fine with us, as we are able to mix things up and you can now have the flexibility of switching one or two 1 hour sessions for KS1 E-safety Creative Learning sessions.

Our KS1 Creative Learning Workshop is called Cyber Adventure – we have had some fabulous feedback from schools about this workshop and what we were able to teach their KS1 pupils…

"Thank you so much for your help organising a visit to our school, we were a bit worried that e-safety would be a tricky thing to cover with KS1 but the workshop facilitator did a great job of tailoring it to the needs of our children. All of the children could explain what information must not be  shared online and enjoyed the workshop immensely(School in Surrey).


Create, Connect and Share Respect:  A better internet starts with you ( Is the theme for this year’s E-safety Week and we are just so glad that we are able to help teach online safety to pupils and have so many different e-safety workshop options , so that pupils can learn in a way that best suits them!