Konflux and Durham County Council talk Road Saftey

We started back at School this year with a bang!

The second week back of term, our facilitator, Jonny has been working with Schools in Durham creating Play in a Day’s with over 150 pupils exploring the topic of Road Safety. We had the pleasure of working with Durham County Councils Road Safety Team to design the ‘Streets Ahead’ Play in a Day which covers pedestrian behaviour, roadside discipline and the wonderful world of independent travel, using public transport and in-vehicle behaviour.

We have worked with Durham County Council all year around with ‘Streets Ahead’ and received some amazing feedback; it’s been a wonderful year working with Durham so far, we can’t wait to keep working with them on encouraging Road Safety knowledge in Schools.

Here’s just a few of the lovely comments we received - 

“We overheard our pupils commenting to each other “This has been the best day ever!”. It was really good fun, the pupils learned a lot about Road Safety and drama techniques. Our workshop leader, Johnny, was excellent. He had a great rapport with the children, bags of energy and was extremely professional and positive throughout” (Durham High School for Girls, September 2018).

“The children loved the workshop, it far exceeded our expectations. Parents Evenings were the same week and many of the parents commented that their children had gone home raving about the workshop. These parents said that their children don’t often talk about what goes on in school but this was something they were very excited to share.
Johnny had the children right there from the word go. They had an amazing day and were very proud of their performance at the end of the day. I would recommend the workshop, it is something we would certainly welcome the opportunity to do again.” (Neville Cross Primary School, March 2018).

“The children were engaged and active throughout the session. It was surprising and great to see how they retained the information for their final performance, in just one day. The session was pitched well for the age of the children. They were motivated and encouraged by the session leader” (St Bedes RCVA School, September 2018).

Thanks to Durham County Council and all the Schools involved, it’s been an exciting and educational collaboration.

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