Jubilee Family Fun

Jubilee Family Fun! 

This week is not only May half-term but it it also the Queens Jubilee. Why not liven up your half term this week with a whole host of activities that will help your family celebrate the Jubilee and make the most of your time together this week?!

  • Create your own Crown

Get crafy and design your own crown to celebate the Jubilee in style. There are many ways you could create your own crown, you could download a template from the internet to colour in or create a bedazzled crown from coloured card and sticky jewels. Whatever way you decide, make sure its personal! 

  • Jubilee Biscuits 

If baking is your thing, why not create your own biscuits to nibble on while you watch the celebrations. You could decorate your biscuits with the flag, or shape them in to crowns! 

  • Design your own stamp

​The Queen has been on our stamps for longer than most of us can remember, but what stamp would you like to see on your post? Why not design your own stamp, perhaps of a different member of the royal family or maybe of yourself! 

  • Jubilee Decor

No party is complete without decorations, if your celebrating the Jubilee with your own party then you will need to royal up your pad! There are so many decorations you could make including your very own royal bunting, there are loads of printable ones online which your little ones could colour in. Or you could go all out and create your very own! 

  • 70 years ago...

The Queen assended to the Throne in the 1950's and so much has changed! Why not take your young ones on a trip to the past and show them what life was like in the 50s. You could do 50s dress up, play 50s music, show them some 50s cards and maybe some 50s film/tvs (black and white of course). There are so many thinsg you could do to explore this decade! 

Whatever you decide to do, have a brilliant half term and fantastic Jubilee Weekend!