How to be creative when teaching Online Safety

SMART E-Safety resource

Online Safety is on everyone's minds, whether you’re a parent concerned about your child’s online safety or you’re concerned about your own – we have come up with some ways which could help stop that worry…

With Safer Internet Week coming up in February, we have a large number of schools asking for our advice on how to approach this topic creatively and we have many drama workshops all across the UK taking place to help offer safer ways to be online.

Here at Konflux, we are keen on making sure your school is being safe all year round not just in Safer Internet Week. One way which you can implement our Safer Internet Approach is through using SMART

What is SMART?

SMART is an acronym used across Schools and in homes to help us remember important things to look out for and be mindful of. But what does is stand for?

How to use SMART in the classroom

One way to use this in the classroom is to give your class the letters S-M-A-R-T and ask them to think of what each of the letters stand for. They will come up with lots of interested interpretations which will open discussions how to be safe and give you an idea of what they are doing online. Once you know how they are using the internet, you can help them to become safe!

Online Safety 2019

This year, Konflux is determined to get people talking more and share ideas and resources with each other! We have a great team here at Konflux who are open to offering advice on how to make your classroom creative and we know you have lots of ideas too! Please share your ideas with us so we can share them to others!

Let’s talk online safety this 2019!  


If you have any ideas or resources you would like to share, or want some creative advice get in touch with us. 

Call us on 01937 833127 or email

We will be sharing lots of resources and ideas not just on Internet Safety but on lots of different topics...some of those in the pipeline are Mindfulness resources and ideas so keep your eyes out!