Back to School!

Can you believe it’s almost September already?!

At Konflux Theatre we’ve been looking forward to going back all Summer! Although the first day back at school for pupils after a 6 week break can be a little daunting (particularly if you’re going into a new class), so in the office we’ve been discussing a few quick and easy ice breaker games to get everyone ready and focused for the day.

Who, What, Where?
After a long break from one another, it’s natural for everyone to want to catch up. Why not turn it in to a game? Encourage your pupils to sit beside someone new and ask them to find out 3 facts about their partner. What is their name? What’s one thing they did during their holidays? Where would they like to go if they could go anywhere in the world? (Just as an example!) Sharing these answers with the class is not only a quick way to catch up but also a way of encouraging pupils to listen to one another and get to know any new pupils in the class.

Two Truths, One Lie
As simple as it sounds, this is an exercise designed to get your pupils asking questions and problem solving! Select one or two students from the group to deliver 3 ‘facts’ about themselves to the class. The rest of the group must try and figure out which of the statements is actually a lie through inquisitive questions and come together as a team to decide the answer.

The final game is to really get those brains working! Ask pupils to break in to pairs. Their first instruction is to stand face to face and count from one to three back and forth. Once they have mastered this, introduce the new instruction of replacing the word, ‘one’ with a clap. (The sequence should go clap, ‘two’, ‘three’). Finally, replace ‘three’ with the action of bending their knees. (The final sequence should go clap, ‘two’, bend knees.) As an extra, you could ask pupils to come up with their own movement for the number two!

We want to help you make the curriculum as varied and fun as possible, our office team can give you a hand picking exciting workshops you want to offer to your students - from Roald Dahl to Space! We are already taking bookings for those busy theme weeks (Anti-Bullying Week, Safer Internet Day & Shakespeare Week) – contact us early to avoid disappointment.

Please follow our social media (links at the top of this page) for updates on lots of offers this year! If you have any questions about any workshops or avaliable dates, please get in touch with me in the office on 01937 220 320.

Tessa x

(Schools Coordinator – Yorkshire, North West and Scotland)
01937 220 320