Anti-Bullying Week


It’s Anti-Bullying Week 2021! One of the most important in the school calendar - equipping young people with the tools in life they need to prevent bullying, and deal with any that does arise. Helping children to understand empathy, accept others and share problems can help them later in life.

At Konflux, we do our bit by providing Anti-Bullying workshops covering a variety of issues, and told through different ways, so teachers can always find something that will suit their students. We keep up to date with bullying issues schools face, and update our scripts/create new ones when needed.

But we’re only a small cog in the machine of Anti-Bullying education. The Anti-Bullying Alliance do incredible work every year to make Anti-Bullying Week happen and provide resources for lessons and assemblies. They conduct nationwide research so we can understand what’s happening, and what needs to be tackled. I’d advise anyone responsible for anti-bullying education to check out their website (I’ll link it below!). Take a look at some of this year’s statistics:

  • 30% of children have been bullies in the last year alone
  • 17% of children have been bullied online
  • One child in every classroom experiences bullying each day

Teachers: we thank you for carrying much of the weight of anti-bullying education. Without you putting the time and effort in all year round the statistics would be much higher. We’re truly proud to support the work that you do and can’t wait to see pictures and feedback from the workshops this week!

We’ve included a free worksheet download for you – perfect as a starter activity before one of our sessions!