A Pantomime in a Day!

Who doesn’t love a cheesy pantomime?!

This Play in a Day® looks at the history of Pantomime, where it originates from and how it has evolved over the years. Of course we have some classic characters in the piece for your pupils to embody as well as all the classic lines in there too - Oh no we don’t! Oh yes we do!!

Theatre Craft

An introduction to drama techniques such as - mask, mime, character-building and Improvisation through a traditional Japanese tale of dreams and nightmares which haunt a small fishing village.

Session length : 2 hours

Drama Games & Skills

Session length : 1 or 2 hours (4 hours max) 30 pupils per session.

A range of workshop games and exercises designed to :

  • encourage team-building
  • develop self-confidence
  • enhance Speaking & Listening skills
  • support personal development

Drama Games and Skills workshops have a PSHCE focus and bring groups together to develop images of their school and community.

Drama Games & Skills can also be booked in combination with any of our Creative Learning Workshops.