Inventors and Inventions

KS2 / P5-7
Play In A Day

The TV crew are in town and this week we’re looking at some of the World’s most important inventors and inventions! Join us live from your school for the fourth series of; 'Innovation! Innovation! Innovation!' with special guest appearances from John Logie Baird, Robert and George Stephenson, Grace Hopper and Tim Berners-Lee to name but a few!

“We're surrounded by all these inventions, which we take for granted but what do we really know about them?”

Your pupils will travel back to 1829 and re-enact the famous Rainhill Trials, cheering on Stephenson’s Rocket!

We discover who invented modern day items such as the television, the phone and the toilet!

Whether you’re kicking off the topic or reinforcing what your pupils have learnt so far, this Play in a Day will hopefully inspire your pupils and celebrate intelligence, determination and technology - what a wonderful world we live in!

A Play in a Day for up to 30 KS2 pupils.