Cleopatra's Egypt

KS2 / P5-7
KS3&4 / S1-6
Play In A Day

Step back in time to Ancient Egypt!

A Play in a Day for up to 30 KS2 or KS3 pupils.

For as long as anyone can remember every King has been called Ptolomey and the people haven't been able to understand a word they say - "It's all Greek to me!" someone was heard to shout! But then Cleopatra comes to the throne with the help of Julius Caesar… but when Caesar dies Cleo counts on her friend Mark Antony - much to the annoyance of Rome! A fast paced, hysterical and historical play.

Working together as actors to create a fun, action-packed short performance, informing as much as it entertains, students will explore a wide range of topical issues.

Key themes:

-         the value of teamwork

-         self-expression

-         public speaking

-         confidence building

-         increased subject knowledge

Bring the history of Ancient Egypt to life in your school hall with a fantastic Play in a Day® experience!