Philosophy For Children FAQs

How many children can take part in each Stone Soup workshop?

We suggest that you include no more than 30 children in your Creative Learning workshops. This number is based around usual class size. If you would like us to work with a larger group, please contact the office to discuss suitable titles.

What year group is best for the workshop to take place with?

Stone Soup works best with year 5 & 6 pupils, however the workshop can also be carried out with year 4.

Does the Stone Soup workshop end in a performance like Play in a Day?

No. Stone Soup is a full days workshop, which involves part performance and part P4C workshop. This workshop is ideal for schools who would like to, or are already focusing on Philosophy for Children. Also ideal for teachers who would like to learn about how to run a Community of Enquiry or their own.

Can we book Stone Soup in any part of the academic year like the other workshops?

No. Because of the intricacy of the workshop and the level of P4C training our actor-facilitators will have had to do beforehand - this workshop has to be booking as part of a tour.