The Tempest

KS2 / P5-7
KS3&4 / S1-6
Play In A Day

Will's come up with another sure fire winner. Intrigue, love, magic and mayhem all ensue in a tale of magical thunderstorms, shipwrecks, ghosts, spells and lavish banquets. This one's got everything. Only one problem: he's stuck for a title. So, he's waiting for inspiration to hit. Meanwhile, at the Globe Theatre, rehearsals are in full swing for the Bard's latest live action/adventure...

A Play in a Day for up to 30 KS2 or KS3 pupils.

When your brother suggests a nice day out in a boat you don't expect to be cast adrift in something that leaks like a sieve do you? At least Prospero didn't. So he and his daughter Miranda wash up on a tropical island only to find their sole companions are a mischievous 'sprite' called Ariel and a monster called Caliban. Prospero makes Caliban his slave (well, someone has to wash all the underpants!) and all seems well until one fateful day when the men responsible for their being cast away in the first place just happen to come sailing by... Time for a little revenge!

Now, if only we could think of a snappy title for the posters... Will he succeed? Perhaps with a little help from his friends in the audience...

Working together as actors to create a fun, action-packed short performance, informing as much as it entertains, students will delight in this accessible reworking of the Shakespeare classic.

Key themes:

-         the value of teamwork

-         self-expression

-         public speaking

-         confidence building

-         increased subject knowledge

We recommend some prior knowledge or introduction to Shakespeare or the chosen title for any class undertaking a Shakespeare Play in a Day®.

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