Konflux Theatre in Northern Ireland

Konflux Theatre in Education is a children's theatre company touring throughout Northern Ireland and the UK with workshop programmes and performances for young people.

You can dowload our Northern Ireland Brochure 2012-13.

Our programmes involve working interactively with groups of pupils in schools and all types of venues incorporating drama as an integral part of personal and social development. We believe strongly that every child matters and we aim to support equality and inclusion in all of our work across the board.

We believe in using drama and theatre as tools for creative learning. We link our workshops to key areas within the Northern Ireland Curriculum, in particular our workshops tie in with Personal Development and Mutual Understanding topics and we aim to aid cross curricular learning and the development of Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities. Our work inspires creative thinking and imaginations and engages young people's interest and involvement.

Our Play in a day workshops also tie in with Government initiatives, such as Healthy Schools and Eco and Sustainable Schools and their doorway themes such as littering, food / waste management, energy, recycling and healthy living.

Konflux Theatre's workshops allow learners to have rich opportunities to be creative and experience inspiration, confidence and enjoyment. The structure of our workshops allow children and young people to use their skills developed in the workshop to present their work to their peers, teachers and parents.

Our workshops bring together many experiences by integrating elements of the arts, the world around us and PDMU topics. The experiences and outcomes of our workshops are an essential component of Northern Ireland's Curriculum enabling children and young people to experience the inspiration and power of the arts through their school education.

All our workshops give children and young people the opportunity to recognise and nurture their creative and aesthetic talents allowing them to develop skills and techniques that are relevant to specific art forms and further develop children's Thinking Skills and Capabilities.